Patti Perkins

Patti Perkins


Patti Perkins is the proud CEO/Owner of Calyx-Weaver & Associates. After over 30 years as an HR professional in banking, wireless, call centers and the public sector, she took the plunge and purchased Weaver & Associates, a workplace management consulting company.

Patti will tell you she is either “…interesting or confused…” if you look at her resume which includes entrepreneurial endeavors, HR and business operations roles. The common theme, though, is people, management, and leadership. 

She has been in Idaho since 1993 and lives in Boise with her husband, Jerry, dog Maci Mae, and two kitties, Lexi & Pantera.  She plays golf poorly and loves to cook for and entertain family and friends.  She gives back by serving on professional and non-profit boards.

Patti and her entire team at Calyx-Weaver & Associates are absolutely wonderful to work with.
Cheryl G. | Business Operations Director
Mining Industry

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