Calyx-Weaver & Associates is a team of business consultants who are enthusiastic about people and how they work (or don’t) within organizations. We exist to help businesses make the most of their people through strategies, policies and practices, all with the objective of meeting their business's goals. Calyx-Weaver & Associates is about delivering results.

What makes Calyx-Weaver different from others, is our team of experienced consultants and the wide range of industries in which we all have worked. We have familiarity with both private and public sectors, in organizations large and small and in industries ranging from manufacturing to banking, wireless communications to government, call centers to retail, and beyond.

Each one of our consultants has no less than 15 years and several have over 30 years of experience in workplace management and human resources. This gives us a keen eye for solutions and results orientation that we apply to your specific business. We are on top of best practices, current thinking and innovative approaches to workplace management. We tailor our solutions to fit your business.

We know that the very best human resources professionals are those who are business people first and not just “policy police”. We understand the impact of implementing rules, processes and programs to your business while keeping you compliant with government regulations.

The company was founded in 2004 by Kandy Weaver as Weaver & Associates. Calyx-Weaver is continuing the tradition of customer service excellence that made us the premier provider of workplace management and human resources support services in the state.

In 2016, Kandy sold the practice to Patti Perkins and remained active with the company throughout that first year. Now she is happy in her “emeritus” role and has the time for all the creative pursuits she enjoys.

In 2017, we rebranded the company as Calyx-Weaver & Associates to signify the change in ownership and the continuing development, innovation and evolution of the services provided to our clients while retaining the legacy of the Weaver name and reputation.   

Fun Fact:  You may be asking: “What the heck is a calyx??”  
Calyx (pronounced kay-licks) is a Latin botanical term for the leaves that form the bud cover of a flower. The calyx protects the petals while they develop, grow and mature. There is an analogy here! Calyx-Weaver & Associates does much the same thing for your business, assisting you to grow, develop and mature into the best you can be through sound and innovative people practices.

We really like their style and type of communication and most importantly the HR expertise they bring to our organization.
Mary C | Municipal Executive

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