HR Can Be Dangerous

HR Can Be Dangerous                                           February 27, 2019   

- by Patti Perkins, Owner - Calyx-Weaver & Associates   

Just two short weeks ago, there was a workplace shooting in Aurora, Ohio, at the Henry Pratt Co., an industrial valve manufacturer.

SHRM HR Magazine Member Spotlight

We are so proud of our Senior Consultant, Pat Duncan, for being featured on the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) HR Magazine in October.  She held the "member spotlight" and was recognized for all the good she does for our profession and our industry. 
Way to go, Pat!  To view the article click the link 

Improving Communication and Resolving Conflict at Work

September, 2017
Can you hear me now?   Communication is a vital part of business.  It occurs between managers and direct reports; co-workers, customers, vendors, suppliers – anyone interacting with the organization.  Have you ever wondered how effortless it was to interact with some coworkers and yet how you might struggle to stay on the same page with other colleagues? 

When HR Must Act

I am sure that you, like many of us, read the recent blog by the (former) Uber engineer Susan Fowler (

with a mix of incredulousness and alarm. How could such overt and blatant harassment like that happen to a professional woman in a hip and progressive company like Uber? How on earth could Human Resources allow that to happen?

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent until proven guilty – this is a key tenet in our American justice system. In spite of the proliferation of cellphone recordings, Twitter and Facebook that show (alleged) bad behavior, we still want to make sure that we have thoroughly investigated before determining the person’s fate.

THE END OF AN ERA – No More Annual Performance Reviews…?

The trendy conversation today among human resources and workplace management professionals is whether or not companies should ditch the annual performance review. Several major companies, such as Deloitte, have done so within the past year or so and more are jumping on the bandwagon weekly. The idea is to move to a more real time feedback culture, rather than wait for a formal once per year event that might miss a good deal of the employee's actual performance and doesn’t work well anyway.

I-9 Compliance

Happy New Year!!   Effective January 22, the Department of Labor has required a NEW I-9 form.  The old form, dated in 2013, is now obsolete. There are some “teeth” in to force employers to the new form – the penalties have been significantly increased for those who do not follow verification requirements.  Given the Trump administration’s focus on immigration, employers can reasonably expect greater emphasis on I-9 audits in the future, so it is important to ensure you are in compliance.

DOL Overtime Regulations

Happy Holidays!  We at Weaver & Associates hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are looking forward to our upcoming Christmas and Hanukkah season.

 One “gift” we all got is a last minute (almost literally) HOLD on the Department of Labor’s new overtime regulations, set to go into effect on December 1.  Last week on November 22, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction on the rule as a result of the consolidation of 21 different states’ cases requesting the injunction. 


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